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EMI Consulting Insights
  • Posted 7.11.14 by A.J. Howard, Director
    What to do about plug loads?

    "As home envelopes and lighting become increasingly energy-efficient, the electricity use from “plug loads” (all the other stuff plugged into your home, including appliances and consumer electronics) becomes increasingly important. The EIA now attributes over 28% of residential electricity use to home appliances and consumer electronics. Many small products contributing to plug loads are notoriously difficult for utilities to cover with energy efficiency programs because of their small energy use and small per unit savings potential. What’s a utility to do?   

    Come to my presentation at the ACEEE Summer Study and learn about an innovative midstream pilot program we’re working on with Pacific Gas & Electric.  We are attempting to create evaluation baselines for these products based on the sales-weighted unit energy consumption of all models sold at retail. If successful, this program will help utilities leverage their program dollars to earn cost-effective energy savings from plug loads."